NASDCTEc is an advocate for policies and legislation that enhance and sustain high-quality CTE programs throughout the nation. To that end, NASDCTEc represents the CTE interests of its members in the nation’s capital by actively monitoring federal and state legislative developments and maintaining a focus on the latest research, news and issues influencing the dialogue on CTE and education policy.

Case-Making & Branding
NASDCTEc oversees CTE: Learning that Works for America®, a national branding campaign to support high-quality CTE. Nearly every state in the nation has signed on to this campaign and is using the campaign’s brand and resources to communicate the benefits of high-quality CTE to all stakeholders. NASDCTEc also collects state and national data to help demonstrate the value of CTE to students, employers and the economy.

Implementation Resources
In cooperation with the National Career Technical Education Foundation (NCTEF), NASDCTEc provides leadership and support for the National Career Clusters® Framework to deliver high-quality CTE programs through improved curriculum design and instruction. NASDCTEc manages the Common Career Technical Core, a set of common CTE standards released in 2012.

NASDCTEc routinely provides the CTE community with vital tools, resources and timely information required to support high-quality CTE, including policy briefs on key CTE topics, success stories from on the ground, and relevant research from the field.

Professional Development
NASDCTEc provides professional development opportunities to its members through two annual meetings, and the broader CTE community through the annual National Career Clusters® Institute (now merged with ACTE's CareerTech VISION conference) and regular webinars on key issues in CTE. For more on our work and how to join, see NASDCTEc Membership.