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Career Cluster Brochures by Cluster

*Updated* Individual Career Cluster Brochures

This vibrant and informational brochure provides students and parents with an overview for each of the 16 Career Cluster. The newly revised content includes information on the career opportunities, "signs this Career Cluster is for you," driving trends in the field, and examples of two-year, four-year and certification programs. 

  • Basic overview of the Career Cluster
  • Description of each pathway in the Career Cluster
  • Types of careers, including the national median income and education needed for sample careers
  • "Signs this Career Cluster may be for you" section
  • Driving trends
  • Basic overview of knowledge and skills needed


FOLDED SIZE: 9” X 3” Folded Brochure
10 brochures in each set

*Sample Brochures: (not for reprinting)

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications 
PDF Outside, PDF Inside

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security 
PDF Outside, PDF Inside