CTE and School Reopening: Lessons Learned

October 13, 2020
3:00 pm ET

Attendees learned from panelists about the path that state and local administrators took to get to sharing guidance on Career Technical Education (CTE) and school reopening in the wake of COVID-19 (coronavirus), including determining practitioner needs in the spring, the planning process and implementation of reopening.

Presenters on the webinar discussed how they continued to support local-level CTE educators as schools reopened using innovative resources, virtual work-based learning efforts and technical assistance. Finally, attendees learned about available resources to continue to support their work through advocacy or policy efforts.

This webinar is one hour in length.


-Dan Hinderliter, Policy Associate, Advance CTE

-Dr. Marcie Mack, State CTE Director, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

-Amy Cox, Director of Career Readiness & Workforce Partnerships, New York State Education Department

-Dr. Maryjo Self, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Workforce Education, Francis Tuttle Endowed Chair in Workforce and Adult Education, Oklahoma State University- Stillwater

CTE and School Reopening: Lessons Learned