CTE Virtual Institute

If you have any questions about future institutes, please contact Austin Estes at aestes@careertech.org

What Is the CTE Virtual Institute?

Advance CTE’s CTE Virtual Institute is a five-module, web-based survey course designed for audiences that are new to the world of CTE (including state-level practitioners, policymakers, researchers and more). The course explores the history and current state of the field, dispels common myths, and encourages participants to recognize the role they play in supporting a high-quality CTE system. The modules are organized around the key principles in Advance CTE’s Putting Learner Success First:  A Shared Vision for the Future of Career Technical Education

What Do I Get Out of It?

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to: 
  • Understand the history of CTE in the United States and how it came to be what it is today; 
  • Understand what high-quality CTE looks like, both at the program and systems level and at the secondary and postsecondary level;
  • Use data and real-world examples to advocate for high-quality CTE;
  • Recognize the role that federal, state and local stakeholders play in strengthening CTE;
  • Recognize the role they themselves play in supporting high-quality CTE; and
  • Network with other professionals learning about high-quality CTE.
After completing the CTE Virtual Institute, participants will be added to the CTE Virtual Institute alumni group and will receive a digital badge certifying their completion of the course.  


Admitted participants are expected to stay engaged and complete each module within the allotted time. The course is designed to fit easily into a standard work schedule, and each module contains assignments that can be completed within 30 minutes. Before beginning the course, participants must commit to:
  • Completing all of the assignments within each module during the time allotted;
  • Securing support from their supervisors to actively participate in the course;
  • Staying engaged throughout the course by contributing to weekly prompts in the online Moodle forum;
  • Joining and participating in conference calls (or watching recordings in the event of an approved schedule conflict); and
  • Completing an end-of-course project that applies lessons learned through the CTE Virtual Institute. 


How Can I Apply?

Applications for the summer 2018 CTE Virtual Institute closed on June 15. All applicants who submited the form by that deadline will be notified by the end of June if they have been selected to participate. 

Is There a Program Fee?

No! The Virtual Institute is offered at no charge by Advance CTE.