Elevating Community Voices to Increase CTE Program Enrollment

July 07, 2022
1:00 p.m. ET

What is the role for states in recruiting more learners to Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, and how can community partners support that role? This webinar will feature two states - Maryland and New Hampshire -with emerging practices to sustain long-term engagement with both learners and employers to increase enrollment in CTE programs. These pilots have been developed as part of these states’ participation in Advance CTE’s 12-month state recruitment cohort grant in partnership with the Siemens Foundation.  From this webinar you’ll gain practical, replicable strategies on meaningful involvement of learners and community partners at all stages of CTE program recruitment campaigns.Having statewide learner-centered, equitable recruitment practices should be a key component to a state’s strategy to meet the needs of every learner and employer. Advance CTE’s recent national research reinforces the importance of learners hearing from other learners when they are considering if CTE is the right choice for them, and employers have a critical role in sharing the value proposition and opportunities afforded within CTE to learners in their communities.  This webinar is part of a three-part series that will highlight promising state CTE recruitment practices to reach each learner and provide direct support to state leaders to improve existing practices.Speakers: Jeffry Beard, Deputy State Director of Career and Technical Education and Bureau Administrator, Bureau of Career Development, New Hampshire Department of Education Marquita Friday, Director of Career Programs, Maryland State Department of Education Division of Career and College Readiness & Office of Leadership Development and School Improvement Moderator: Stacy Whitehouse, Senior Associate Communications and State Engagement