Katie Fitzgerald

Katie serves as the Director of Communications and Membership for Advance CTE. Since 2014, Katie has managed the communications portfolio and served as the manager for the Excellence in Action Awards. Additionally, she leads the Advance CTE initiative, Strategies for Attracting Students to High-Quality CTE, which supports states and local communities across the country in their efforts to attract and recruit students into high-quality Career Technical Education programs of study. Katie provides targeted support to select states as they identify, pilot and evaluate strategies for recruiting students into high-quality CTE.
Prior to joining the Advance CTE team, Katie worked for over five years at the National Center for Creative Aging. In her role as the Director of Communications, she managed all communications, information and referral, leadership awards and technical assistance grants. She also served as an organization spokesperson at conferences across the country. In addition to communications, Katie assisted in curriculum development and program management.