New York

New York

The mission of New York's Career and Technical Education Team is to assure that programs incorporating both high-level academic and technical skills are available to all the students in the state, and that there is a seamless delivery of these programs throughout the P-16 system.

CTE Delivery: 

CTE is offered through the following institutions: 

  • Comprehensive high schools
  • Technical high schools
  • Career academies
  • Community colleges
  • Four-year universities
Secondary Indicators: 
Secondary Indicators2015-162016-17
Academic Skills - Reading/Language ArtsYesYes
Academic Skills - MathematicsYesYes
Technical Skill AttainmentYesYes
School CompletionYesYes
Student Graduation RatesYesYes
Nontraditional ParticipationNoNo
Nontraditional CompletionNoNo
Postsecondary Indicators: 
Postsecondary Indicators 2015-162016-17
Technical Skill AttainmentYesYes
Credential, Certificate or DegreeYesYes
Student Retention or TransferYesYes
Student PlacementYesYes
Nontraditional ParticipationNoYes
Nontraditional CompletionYesYes
Perkins Funding: 
YearFY 2018FY 2019
Total Perkins Funds Received$53,755,537$56,867,904
Percentage of local funds distributed to Secondary52%
Percentage of local funds distributed to Postsecondary 48%
Career Clusters: 

New York’s Learning Standards for CTE are identified in the Career Development and Occupational Studies document. The Career Development and Occupation Studies standards include both cross-cutting standards for all CTE students, as well as standards organized into six career majors based on state workforce requirements. New York’s CTE career majors are the following:

  • Arts/Humanities
  • Business/Information Systems
  • Engineering/Technologies
  • Health Services
  • Human and Public Services
  • Natural and Agricultural Sciences
Programs of Study: 

New York maintains programs of study in each of the 16 Career Cluster areas.

Perkins Eligible Agency: 

New York State Eduation Department

State Director: 
Deborah Reiter
State Director
New York State Education Department
860 Education Building Annex
89 Washington Avenue, Room 315 EB
Albany, NY 12234
Secondary to Postsecondary Transition & Alignment: 

New York offers dual enrollment and concurrent/transcripted credit to ease the transition from secondary to postsecondary. New York does not maintain statewide credit transfer agreements. Instead, local secondary and postsecondary CTE programs develop and administer articulation agreements at the local level. Local articulation agreements, however, are part of the criteria for program approval processes. Thus, in the absence of statewide articulation agreements, the state does approve programs based on their implementation of local articulation agreements.

Resources & Data: 

See here for an explanation of the data used for state profiles.