College and Career Readiness

Advance CTE regularly releases issue briefs on key topics impacting CTE at the state and local level. Below are issue briefs exploring the role of CTE in the broader college- and career-ready agenda and ways CTE and academic learning can be better integrated. 

  • The Common Career Technical Core, Programs of Study & Industry-Based Standards (July 2014)
    This paper analyzes 18 sets of industry-based standards to determine how well they match up to the Common Career Technical Core, aiming to provide actionable information to state and local CTE leaders as they think through how they use industry-based standards within the context of a comprehensive program of study.  To understand the methodology used, which was the same as used for the State of Career Technical Education: An Analysis of State CTE Standards, click here
  • Making Career Readiness Count (May 2014)
    Achieve and Advance CTE collaborated on this paper, which examines how states are currently using career-focused indicators in their public reporting and accountability systems and provides guidance and recommendations for states on how they can take steps to ensure that the “career” in their college- and career-ready accountability and public reporting system is not an afterthought but rather a powerful lever to focus priorities, drive progress, and ultimately see more students, and their communities, succeed.
  • CTE Is Your STEM Strategy (December 2013) 
    This paper explores the strong connection and overlap between CTE and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, focusing on the elements of a high-quality CTE program of study that makes it an effective tool for delivering or implementing STEM education; how STEM is naturally embedded across the 16 Career Clusters; examples of states embracing the link between CTE and STEM; and areas where CTE and STEM programs can learn from and strengthen one another.
  • Career Technical Education and Advanced Placement (July 2013)
    Traditionally Advanced Placement (AP) courses and exams have not been recommended for students in Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. To bust this myth, Advance CTE and the College Board collaboratively identified those AP courses that have the potential to be part of students' programs of study within each of the 16 Career Clusters, based on analysis and input of State CTE Directors. This brief summarizes that analysis and lists the potential AP courses, by Career Cluster.
  • Adult Career Pathways (November 2009) 
    Adult Career Pathways integrate multiple levels of education with postsecondary CTE certificate and associate degree programs. This document defines adult career pathways, describes benefits of the pathways, and presents four program examples.