Effective Models

Advance CTE regularly releases issue briefs on key topics impacting CTE at the state and local level. Below are issue briefs exploring effective models for addressing common challenges within CTE.

  • Career Academies: Investing in Students, the Workforce and Career Technical Education (May 2013) Career academies are increasingly recognized as an effective delivery mechanism for delivering high-quality Career Technical Education. This publication defines career academies, describes their history, and outlines research supporting these dynamic institutions. National, state, and local career academy-related efforts are highlighted.
  • Teacher Shortage Undermines CTE (August 2009) This issue brief describes several factors that contribute to CTE teacher shortages and provides recommendations for improvement. State examples from Oregon, Alabama, and California are included.
  • Counselors as CTE Stakeholders (June 2009) School counselors play an integral role in guiding CTE students from secondary to postsecondary education or into the workforce. This brief highlights Missouri, Nebraska, and Utah for their effective models of CTE and guidance counselor collaboration.