Youth Policy: How Can We Smooth the Rocky Pathway to Adulthood?

This report, supported by  JPMorgan Chase, examines how youth policy for CTE can be modernized to support learners beyond their K-12 educational careers. It offers research on how systemic supports and interventions positively affect the educational experience of youth and also calls for a better aligning of systems between secondary and postsecondary institutions to help learners take ownership of their own career pathways. Barriers that learners faced are described as well as suggestions for how to equip them with ways to surmount those barriers. Below are a few of the many recommendations described inside:

  • We need to invest in education and plant the seeds for labor-market success, beginning at birth.
  • We need to imbue inclusive and culturally responsive approaches across our education and workforce systems to improve the experiences of youth from marginalized racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • We need to continue to break down the artificial barriers between secondary schools, postsecondary institutions, and labor markets. 


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August 2022