Advancing Postsecondary CTE Data Quality Initiative

Through Advance CTE’s Advancing Postsecondary CTE Data Quality Initiative (PDI), Advance CTE has been working with the Alabama Community College System, Delaware Department of Education, University of the District of Columbia Community College, Florida Department of Education, and Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission to develop and implement comprehensive action plans to improve the quality and use of postsecondary CTE data. Focus areas for grantees include improving data collection, developing local capacity to use data effectively, improving reporting and communication, identifying opportunity gaps and improving data linkages.


These mini-briefs represent lessons learned and successful strategies employed across the five states to move their data systems and structures forward. PDI is funded through the generous support of ECMC Foundation.

August 2022

This brief addresses the importance of a unifying vision for education and workforce that draws upon and regularly uses postsecondary CTE data to measure progress and guide state policy and practice.

August 2022

This brief, the second in the series, advances a theory of change that centers the learner experience in strategies to improve institutional data collection and use and strengthen college information management systems.

October 2022

This brief, the third in this series, examines three strategies for making data an integral and beneficial part of state and institutional climates, using examples from states participating in the PDI to illustrate innovative approaches.

November 2022

This brief, the fourth and final brief of the series, focuses on the data collection and reporting expectations of postsecondary CTE policymakers and administrators, under the assumption that information needs should guide the management, use and acquisition of state data systems.