Advancing Program Review: Supporting Illinois Community College CTE Programs through Equity Centered Resources

This resource from the Office of Community College Research and Leadership (OCCRL) highlights the research conducted to develop an equity-centered rubric for the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB.) This evaluation of the programmatic offerings of ICCB had four stated goals:

  1. improve the efficiency and efficacy of the program review process by identifying challenges, redundancies, and omissions, and provide recommendations for refining the process.
  2. Examine variations of the program review process across institutional contexts and institutional identities (e.g., rural/suburban/ urban, minority-serving institutions/ predominately white institutions, small/ large student populations) to understand how the process is utilized across diverse institutions throughout Illinois.
  3. Identify professional development, technical support, and supplemental materials that could improve outcomes associated with the program review.
  4. Enhance the application of program review findings in colleges’ campus-level programmatic planning and decision-making.

The paper describes the methodologies used to explore ICCB career pathways offered through their programming and how they determined the parameters of the rubric. The accompanying rubric can be found here.

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March 2023