Skilled Trades in High School: What Voters, Parents and Students Want From Policymakers and Educators

This report from Harbor Freight helps make the case for Career Technical Education (CTE). The report is the result of a nationally representative survey of voters, parents and learners conducted in 2019 that examines attitudes toward and experiences with skilled trades education and careers. The results show that more than eight in 10 voters support federal funding for skilled trades, think this should be a priority, and would support political candidates who favored increased funding. Additionally, most parents surveyed believe their child would be more prepared for a career if there were more opportunities to study skilled trades in high school. Lastly, when given the opportunity to enroll in skilled trades courses in high school, learners are more likely to say skilled trades jobs are important, creative and respected. 

Advocates for CTE can use this report as a resource to make the case to their elected leaders for high-quality CTE programs.

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May 2020