How to Measure Community College Effectiveness in Serving Transfer Students

Community colleges serve as a gateway to future education and careers, allowing learners to earn the requisite credentials to enter the workforce immediately while simultaneously accruing credits towards a more advanced credential. However, transfer students are not always successful, typically due to the lack of school services for transfer students. One reason this problem has been challenging to address is that there are few universal measures of how institutions assist their transfer students.

This guide by the Community College Resource Center (CCRC) suggests how community colleges can use National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) data to measure success in working with transfer students. CCRC breaks the process down into two parts:
  1. Community College Transfer Outcomes
  2. Transfer Partnership Performance

This guide is intended for community colleges, with the purpose of demonstrating how these colleges can better use NSC data to improve the outcomes of transfer students.

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December 2017