CTE Dual Enrollment: A Strategy for College Completion and Workforce Investment

Participation in Career Technical Education (CTE) dual enrollment coursework in high school has the potential to improve outcomes for traditionally underserved students—and enrollment is on the rise. In the 2010-11 school year, half of the schools offering dual enrollment also offered dual enrollment with a specific CTE focus. This policy brief from the Education Commission of the States (ECS) provides a framework to help state and local policymakers integrate CTE into dual enrollment programs. The framework includes four components:

  • Responsibility for course fees should not fall to students or parents;
  • Course content and instructor credentials must mirror those of traditional postsecondary instructors;
  • Courses should incorporate industry curriculum and standards, and lead to certification; and
  • States should ensure course transferability.

For each component in the framework, the brief explores state examples to demonstrate how strategies can be put into practice. This is a helpful resource for states looking to better integrate CTE and dual enrollment.