Delivery Capacity Rubric

This rubric from the Education Delivery Institute (EDI) is designed to assist states in understanding their capacity for effective policy implementation. The rubric is built around fifteen elements of delivery in five domains:

  1. Developing a foundation for delivery
  2. Understanding the delivery challenge
  3. Planning for delivery
  4. Driving delivery
  5. Creating an irreversible delivery culture

The rubric guides policymakers to assess each component of implementation to identify strengths and areas in need of improvement.

The Delivery Capacity Rubric can be a useful tool for supporting state-wide Career Technical Education (CTE) delivery. The rubric can be used to assess a state's CTE strategy more broadly or the individual components of a strategy, such as the implementation of a new employer engagement plan, the effectiveness of a state's work-based learning strategy, etc.

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August 2015