New Skills for Youth Innovation Sites 2019 Snapshot: Denver, Colorado

Launched in 2016, JPMorgan Chase & Co. New Skills for Youth (NSFY) is a $75 million, five-year global initiative aimed at transforming how cities and states ensure that young people are career ready. The local investments from across the world - Innovations Sites - aim to identify and implement the most promising ideas in career education, with a special focus on communities with the greatest needs.

In Colorado, the Denver NSFY Innovation Site is working to create the largest work-based learning program in the country. Focused on providing students with access to academic coursework, technical skills training and in-depth experiences working in leading career areas, Denver Public Schools CareerConnect has developed a program that is working for both students and industry. This snapshot profiles how Denver Public Schools CareerConnect builds a pathway for students while creating a pipeline of future employees with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in high-wage, in-demand industries.

To learn more about the NSFY Innovation Sites, visit the NSFY Innovation Sites Snapshots series page.

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August 2019