The Dual Enrollment Playbook: A Guide to Equitable Acceleration for Students

This resource from The Aspen Institute and the Community College Research Center of Teachers College tackles one of the greatest challenges to dual enrollment programs - inequitable access to dual enrollment by race and income and disparities in postsecondary success of learners. The resource offers a playbook of lessons learned from school districts and colleges that are successfully delivering equitable access to and success in high-quality dual enrollment programs by pairing intentional strategy with innovation and commitment. The strategies and practices recommended are rooted in five design principles for equitable dual enrollment programs. Those principles are:

  1. Set a shared vision and goals that prioritize equity;
  2. Expand equitable access;
  3. Connect learners to advising and supports that ensure equitable outcomes;
  4. Provide high-quality infrastructure that builds learners' competence and confidence; and
  5. Organize teams and develop relationships to maximize potential.

This resource will be useful to school, district and postsecondary education leaders interested in ensuring that learners from historically excluded learner groups have equitable access to and success in high-quality dual enrollment programs. 

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October 2020