Creating a More Equitable Workforce System: Opportunities for Governors and States

This brief, written by the National Governors Association, outlines eight strategies and considerations for promoting equity through reemployment and other workforce services. The strategies are supported by state examples and linked to best practices across the United States. The eight strategies highlight equity work in: 

  • Launching task forces, initiatives or building positions that sustain action around equity goals & outcomes
  • Defining equity as it relates to programs, evaluations, outcomes, etc.
  • Developing shared goals to achieve equity in service delivery models 
  • Data and the identification of gaps within the data
  • Targeting programming and support towards special populations
  • Engaging stakeholders in the work as well as elevating their voices in the service delivery model
  • Examining policies and procedures that support and sustain inequities 
  • Developing or strengthening partnerships that identify and support additional populations and leveraging the expertise of those partnerships to assist in reaching special populations 

State leaders can utilize this resource to identify and build on their equity work through ​The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V). This guide provides leaders with best practices around the country that can assist leaders in developing resources and connecting with other states to better service a broader group of learners. 

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August 2021