The Equitable Outcomes Imperative: Strategies for Advancing Racial Equity in Postsecondary Attainment

This brief from Education Strategy Group provides examples of how states can make equity a core driver in their postsecondary credential attainment goals. The brief offers five strategies states can take:

  • Publicly commit to race/ethnicity-specific targets within the broader statewide attainment goal;
  • Rely on evidence and data to make the case for equity in attainment, inform decisions, monitor progress, and course correct;
  • Create space to listen to and build ownership among students, practitioners, community members and community-based organizations, legislators, and other key stakeholders;
  • Foster authentic engagement with equity among policymakers and practitioners at the state and institution levels; and
  • Interrogate policies and practices at the state and institution levels. 

The brief also provides examples of how a number of states are leveraging these strategies to center equity in their postsecondary credential attainment agenda. 

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December 2020