Guided Pathways: The Scale of Adoption in Michigan

Many institutions of higher education have implemented the guided pathways approach to help students more easily navigate college and achieve their career goals. This case study from the Michigan Center for Student Success examines how 23 Michigan colleges made progress over three years in implementing practices in the four broad areas of the guided pathways approach, as defined by the Community College Resource Center. These areas include:

• mapping pathways to student end goals
• helping students choose and enter a pathway,
• keeping students on path and
• ensuring students are learning.

The report provides innovative and exemplary practices in each of the four areas of the guided pathways approach, offers guidance to address common challenges when scaling the guided pathways approach, and outlines how Michigan plans to leverage tools and lessons learned from other institutions to maintain its momentum in changing its policies and practices following the guided pathways approach. This resource demonstrates how state and local leaders can put theory to practice and implement guided pathways to support college and career success.

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January 2018