Promising Credentials in Hawai‘i

The Promising Credentials report highlights to all sectors of Hawaii (labor, postsecondary, secondary, workforce) whether the credentials learners are earning provide clear pathways to employment that pay family sustaining wages. The analysis utilized labor market data in connection with outreach to local Hawaii businesses to narrow the identified credentials from over 2,000 to 137 that are associated with in-demand, living-wage occupations. Equipped with the data and insights from this report, Hawaii will work to connect learners across the career pathways continuum by grouping credentials into four broad categories: 

  • Foundational credentials: prepare learners with essential knowledge and skills for a range of occupations and are often coupled with other credentials
  • Springboard credentials: signal proficiency in industry-specific skills often not requiring a postsecondary certificate or degree. 
  • Door opener credentials: signal proficiency in industry-specific skills that require some post-secondary education
  • Advanced credentials: signal proficiency in industry-specific skills that may also require a Bachelor’s degree. 

This report provides a foundational opportunity for connections across sectors to strengthen the career pathways of learners. Career Technical Education (CTE) leaders across the country can utilize the data methodology and insights from this report to standardize the list of their state’s credentials ensuring learners come away with a credential of value in the current labor market. 

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October 2020