Implementing Guided Pathways at Miami Dade College: A Case Study

For many students, understanding how to progress through college programs is daunting and, in some cases, can lead to students dropping out of college. This case study from the Community College Resource Center examines how Miami Dade College (MDC) implemented the guided pathways approach, which redesigns programs and supports so that students can more easily navigate college and achieve their goals. The case study outlines MDC’s yearlong planning process, the strategy that MDC used to engage faculty and staff, the process MDC utilized to map its newly developed program pathways, MDC’s creation of a comprehensive intake process, and the importance of strengthening supports along the career pathways through advising and professional development.

This resource can be used to identify promising practices and key design principles for a guided pathways approach to postsecondary program design. It is is a helpful tool for state and local higher education leaders who wish to learn from and replicate MDC's approach. 

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March 2015