Professional Certifications Offer Workers With No College Degree a Pathway to Good Jobs

This study from Lumnia, Gallup, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Omidyar Network emphasizes the need for industry-recognized certifications, especially for workers without college degrees. The report shares several data points related to the impact of certification attainment, including that workers with a high school education and a professional certification — but no other postsecondary education — are among the workers most likely to be in a "good job," only second to workers with a Ph.D. Workers with high school diplomas and certifications but no postsecondary education also report greater opportunities for career advancement compared to workers with only a high school diploma and no certification. The findings from this report can inform state policymakers and individual industry on how industry-recognized certifications can potentially increase the pool of available workers and facilitate career advancement and economic mobility.

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May 2020