From Labor Market Information to Pathways Design: Foundational Information for Intermediaries

This resource developed by JFF is a guide to aid stakeholders in the task of researching and putting together the appropriate knowledge base needed to design and communicate about career pathways experiences that are aligned with local labor markets. Throughout the resource, JFF highlights a number of examples of documents developed by JFF and other intermediaries that effectively present key elements of pathways maps. The key design elements of career pathways which are supported in this resource are:

  1. Industry overviews to help young learners decide which pathways or credential program to enroll in;
  2. Career ladders with information about opportunities for advancement;
  3. Learning about industry-recognized credentials with value in the labor market;
  4. A curriculum that is reverse-mapped from industry-specific competency statements;
  5. Access to strategic course-taking guidance; and
  6. Work-based learning experiences.

State leaders will be able to use this guide to better align their career pathways to the ever changing labor market with a continued eye on maintaining or enhancing equity and access within their pathways.

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January 2021