Opportunities to Create Next-Generation High Schools: A Toolkit for Education Leaders on Career-Readiness and Career and Technical Education Programs

Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), states have new opportunities to leverage federal dollars in support of high-quality Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. States can use Title II funds to provide professional development for integrating career and academic coursework. Student Success and Academic Enrichment grants are available to support a well-rounded education, including CTE programming. And states can take advantage of several other opportunities to align systems and funding streams under ESSA to support CTE.

This toolkit from the Alliance for Excellent Education sets the table for expanding high-quality CTE programs by making a moral case, defining the core elements of CTE, and profiling local examples. The resource, presented in PowerPoint format, includes key data points, links to relevant resources and videos, and different approaches to leveraging CTE as a strategy to improve student outcomes. It is designed to help state and local education leaders leverage ESSA funds in support of high-quality CTE policy, procedures and practice. This is a helpful guide to learn more about CTE, identify opportunities under ESSA, and begin work transforming career readiness systems at either the local or state level. 

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October 2016