Policy, Pilots and the Path to Competency-Based Education: A National Landscape

Competency-based education is a system where students advance to higher levels of learning when they demonstrate mastery of concepts and skills regardless of time, place or pace. This report from ExcelinEd and EducationCounsel examines state competency-based education policies and makes recommendations to help other states launch pilot programs of their own, highlighting policy opportunities and state examples along the way. The authors recommend the following strategies to facilitate the transition to competency-based education: 

  • Provide Flexibility from Time-Based Systems in Statute or Rule
  • Transition to Competency-Based Diplomas
  • Facilitate Acceptance of Competency-Based Diplomas and Credits by Higher Education
  • Encourage Policies that Recognize Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  • Design State Assessment Systems to Support Competency-Based Education
  • Evolve Accountability Systems to Support Competency-Based Education
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April 2017