Putting Career and Technical Education to Work for Students: A Playbook for State Policymakers

There is a skills gap throughout the country. All too often, students graduating high school and college lack the skills and knowledge necessary to meet current labor market demands. To address this gap, it is important for Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways to reflect current employer needs and prepare students for in-demand careers in their state.

This report by the Foundation for Excellence in Education provides a guide to better align CTE programs with workforce demands through the following four multi-year phases:

  • Phase I: Engaging Stakeholders and Auditing Existing Programs
  • Phase II: Planning for Systematic Change
  • Phase III: Executing the Plan
  • Phase IV: Remaining Agile Over Time

Using Delaware, Florida and Tennessee as examples, this guide suggests actions to take and questions to ask to develop and expand high-quality CTE pathways. 

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November 2017