Registered Apprenticeship Reimagined: Lessons Learned from the American Apprenticeship Initiative

This resource from the National Governors Association examines lessons learned from the American Apprenticeship Initiative, a five-year $175 million-dollar federal investment to support the expansion of registered apprenticeship in the United States. As a result of the grant, the largest federal investment in registered apprenticeship to-date, 2,019 new programs were created registering 24,675 new apprentices. Most of the new apprenticeship opportunities, 14,486, were provided to learners from historically underrepresented populations. 

Focusing on the success and lessons learned from the AAI, this report utilizes a "success factor framework" to reimagine the nation's registered apprenticeship program for new industry sectors and populations. The five factors that make up this framework are: sustainability, partnerships, a simplified process, and flexibility. 

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November 2020