State Roadmap for Workforce Recovery

The State Roadmap for Workforce Recovery developed by the National Governors Association offers a framework for a state to start organizing their workforce response and recovery activities. The roadmap features state examples from Colorado, Missouri, New Jersey, Utah and Vermont and focuses on four critical objectives: expanding access to essential support services, rapidly connecting learners to work, advancing digital access and skill development and enhancing job quality. The four objectives are framed to support an equitable recovery from the economic impacts of COVID-19 
Each section of the framework includes: 

  • Several examples of policy strategies across three phases of recovery (Respond, Restart, Recover) 
  • State examples as possible best practices to follow
  • A state case study of implementation of the framework and policies strategies

State leaders looking to utilize this framework to address the four key objectives can expect to learn how to:

  • Utilize the template for refining vision, goals, metrics, outcomes, and continuous monitoring processes
  • Consult the policy strategies to assist in exploring opportunities for action
  • Refer to the state examples and additional resources for how to put the work into action as well as who to contact when implementing the work
  • Dive deeper into state case study to understand how states are connecting the framework and policy strategies to advance the work of workforce recovery
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January 2021