Supporting Community College Delivery of Apprenticeships

Community colleges can play a pivotal role in establishing new apprenticeship programs and increasing opportunities to earn college credit through apprenticeships.This brief from Jobs for the Future provides preliminary lessons about community college involvement in apprenticeships collected through a survey and select interviews from 38 colleges that are workforce development leaders. Key findings include:

-84 percent of community college respondents participate as a partner in apprenticeship programs

-78  percentof respondents have cross-walked apprenticeships with college-credit programs toward a degree

This report outlines how apprenticeships can be expanded and advanced at community colleges through actions such as establishing apprenticeships in nontraditional sectors, fostering relationships with employers, and securing funding for apprenticeships. The report also calls to attention the pivotal role that community colleges can play in increasing diversity within apprenticeships because of the diverse populations they serve. This report is a useful resource for stakeholders seeking to advance and expand apprenticeship programs to include more diverse options and populations.

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November 2017