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  • Guide/Tool
February 2015

This report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) explores different approaches that companies are using to engage high school students and develop young talent.

  • Guide/Tool
November 2014

This report and the accompanying guide from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation articulate a vision for a demand-driven system to manage the talent pipeline and prepare the future workforce for high-skill jobs.

  • Guide/Tool
February 2016

This report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation presents two approaches for expanding the employer role in higher education accreditation and provides roadmap for developing an independent, employer-driven system.

  • Guide/Tool
January 2015

This paper from RTI International describes how performance-based funding systems can be incorporated into state education resources distribution formulas to allocate funding among local providers.

  • Guide/Tool
June 2016

This paper from the Education Commission of the States offers a framework for engaging stakeholders in a way that emphasizes collaboration over traditional methods.

  • Case Study
  • Guide/Tool
July 2016

This document, part of Advance CTE's "Connecting the Classroom to Careers" series, provides guidance and examples of how states can support intermediaries to expand work-based learning.

  • Guide/Tool
July 2015

This facilitation guide from the U.S. Education Delivery Institute (EDI) helps to map out a delivery chain for implementing delivery strategies in education. Examples in the facilitation guide can be easily adapted to fit the needs of a CTE administrator.

  • Guide/Tool
August 2015

This rubric from the Education Delivery Institute (EDI) is designed to assist states in understanding their capacity for effective policy implementation. The rubric can be a useful tool for supporting state-wide CTE delivery.