• Guide/Tool
May 2017

This downloadable tool from Advance CTE draws on the five principles of Putting Learner Success First: A Shared Vision for the Future of CTE to help local CTE leaders and practitioners understand how they can begin to implement the vision’s principles and actions. 

  • Case Study
March 2017

This study from the Online Learning Consortium examines six institutions in the United States that are experimenting with alternative credentialing strategies to provide flexible learning opportunities, including digital distance learning and prior learning assessments.

  • Guide/Tool
January 2017

This toolkit from the Urban League of Louisiana and YouthForce NOLA provides ideas and strategies that schools can implement to strengthen their efforts to engage families as partners in schools’ career pathways programs of study. 

  • Case Study
November 2016

This brief, from Advance CTE and Ford Next Generation Learning, is the outcome of two roundtables held with business leaders in Nashville and Pinellas County to explore why and how they support CTE in their communities, and offers recommendations based on their successful engagement.

  • Guide/Tool
October 2016

This toolkit from the Alliance for Excellent Education sets the table for expanding high-quality CTE programs by making a moral case, defining the core elements of CTE, and profiling local examples.

  • Case Study
June 2016

This report from the Aspen Institute explores how four community colleges are helping to create a more equitable society by partnering with high schools and universities in their communities and by creating seamless pathways from high school to the workforce.

  • Case Study
March 2016

This report by the Manhattan Institute looks at the state of CTE in New York City, praising the success of New York City's instructional CTE programs and offering recommendations to further improve the quality and effectiveness of the system.

  • Research/ Report
December 2015

This report evaluates the California Linked Learning District Initiative's sixth and final year, providing findings on how the career academy model impacts student graduation and college eligibility.