• Case Study
May 2018

This brief from the National League of Cities examines how afterschool and summer learning opportunities can be leveraged as strategies to improve workforce development in communities.

  • Case Study
July 2018

This report from the National Skills Coalition discusses the benefits of partnerships between community colleges and businesses, and how this can be supported through the Higher Education Act. 

  • Policy
March 2009

Minnesota’s Technical Skill Assessment project (TSA), which was launched in 2009 and has since expanded to encompass 79 Career Pathways, demonstrates how states can develop a strong assessment framework by engaging the employer community and aligning secondary and postsecondary systems.

The Learning that Works Resource Center was developed through the New Skills for Youth initiative, a partnership of the Council of Chief State School Officers, Advance CTE and the Education Strategy Group, generously funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co