Rhode Island

  • Case Study
December 2017

This brief from Advance CTE, part of the CTE on the Frontier series, profiles how states such as Nebraska, Alaska, North Dakota and Idaho have leveraged strategic partnerships and technology to reach economies of scale and offer a wider breadth of career pathways to rural learners.

  • Case Study
September 2017

This profile from the Education Commission of the States summarizes state outcomes-based funding trends and describes states such as Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas and Utah that adopted new funding models in 2016 and 2017. 

  • Case Study
March 2017

This policy analysis from ECS discusses the value and use of connected data systems and identifies the benefits of connecting education data. It examines some of the obstacles preventing states from connecting data, including political and financial constraints, and privacy concerns.

  • Case Study
July 2016

This report from the National Center for Innovation in CTE (NCiCTE) profiles six states that are working to align secondary CTE and Registered Apprenticeship programs.

  • Guide/Tool
February 2014

This brief from the Center for Great Teachers & Leaders addresses policy gaps in developing and supporting CTE teachers by offering an overview of the current policy landscape, its implications for CTE teacher effectiveness, and next steps for creating aligned human capital policies.