Targeting the Technical: Prioritizing Analysis of Student Transcripts in Degree Reclamation Efforts to Improve Student Completion Outcomes

  • Research/ Report

Finding ways for institutions to accelerate the completion of credentials that are valued by the labor market can motivate students to reengage and help them succeed. And there is no better way to maximize that acceleration than to leverage the learning, and especially the college credits, that these students and potential students already have.Degree reclamation is a proven strategy to capture the momentum of existing credits and put SCND students back on track to a degree.

State Roadmap for Workforce Recovery

  • Guide/Tool

The State Roadmap for Workforce Recovery developed by the National Governors Association offers a framework for a state to start organizing their workforce response and recovery activities.

Policy Snapshot: Outcomes-Based Funding

  • Case Study

This profile from the Education Commission of the States summarizes state outcomes-based funding trends and describes states such as Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas and Utah that adopted new funding models in 2016 and 2017.