The Strategy

In a time of tight state and federal budgets, being able to make a cogent and coherent case for investment in Career Technical Education (CTE) is more imperative than ever. Advance CTE is working with our membership and partners to bring you up-to-date resources that help you, the advocate, convince policymakers, community leaders, business, parents, educators and more that CTE is Learning that works for America®.

While everyone inside the CTE community knows that CTE is good for the economy and promotes better student outcomes, CTE still suffers from a gap in public perception. Misunderstanding of the field about what CTE looks like today and who CTE can help can't be overcome overnight, and will require a concerted effort on behalf of all friends of CTE, with our many stakeholders' voices repeating one message: that CTE is Learning that works for America.

This section will help you, the advocate, make the case for renewed investment and legislative action on CTE. Follow the tips below to get started as a CTE advocate and utilize the resources provided to build your own strategy as you fight for high-quality CTE!