Vision Resources

To ensure the goals of Putting Learner Success First are met, it is critical that all stakeholders are engaged around sharing and implementing the work of the vision. We encourage you to share the vision with your colleagues in education, policy and the workforce and educate them about the importance of providing high quality Career Technical Education to every learner in America. We've developed some resources to make it easier for you to share this important message at meetings, state-wide conferences, with employers and with your local and state policymakers, and will be adding more resources on a regular basis.

Aligned Efforts to Implement the Vision

  • This chart highlights shared vision supporters' and other national organizations' existing and planned initiatives that are addressing and advancing the principles and actions of the vision. The chart demonstrates the areas of focus and where gaps still exist. The chart will be updated regularly and contact us with any suggestions of other initiatives. It was last updated in November 2016.
  • In November 2016, Advance CTE hosted a webinar on Putting Learner Success First, where a number of partners shared their efforts to help advance this vision. 

Stakeholder-Specific Resources