Vision Supporters

What makes Putting Learner Success First truly unique is its shared commitment to implementing this learner-centric, learner-driven vision that has the potential to transform the education system. Making this vision a reality requires an unwavering, steadfast commitment from all stakeholders. To that end, we released the vision with six national organizations that represent the crossection of education, policy and workforce, and have a number of organizations that have signed on to shore their support and commitment to Putting Learner Success First

Putting Learner Success First: A Shared Vision for the Future of CTE is supported by: 


Advance CTE: State Leaders Connecting Learning to Work


Association for Career and Technical Education
Read their blog post



Asia Society 
Read their letter of support


Council of Chief State School Officers 


Read their letter of support



Goodwill Industries International 
Read their letter of support 


National Association of State Boards of Education 


National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges


National Skills Coalition 
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Read their letter of support


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation