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Advance CTE hosts webinars on a variety of topics and pressing issues of interest to the CTE community. These webinars bring Advance CTE staff together with leading experts from across the nation to share their expertise on issues including policy, research and best practices.

Recent Webinars

January 09, 2017
State of Career Technical Education: Increasing Access to Industry Experts in the Classroom

As interest in Career Technical Education (CTE) continues to increase, the need for experts qualified to help ensure students gain the real-world experiences they need for success increases as well. Individuals with industry expertise provide a perspective to students that traditional academic teachers may be unable to do, and can also help students explore and connect with particular career opportunities.

November 15, 2016
A Shared Vision for the Future of CTE: An Update on Putting Learner Success Firste Apprenticeship Carolina Model

In May, seven national organizations came together to support Putting Learner Success First: A Shared Vision for the Future of CTE, establishing a bold vision for all of education. The vision calls for a systemic revitalization of the education system and identifies Career Technical Education's (CTE) strengths and role in this transformation.

January 21, 2016
2015 Year in Review: State Policies Impacting CTE

Advance CTE and ACTE took a look back at the state CTE policy trends from 2015. This webinar unpacked the findings of our third annual report, “2015 Year in Review: State Policies Impacting CTE,” which can be found here. Featured speakers include: 

January 13, 2016
Preparing a Globally Competent Workforce Through High-Quality Career Technical Education

The Asia Society, Longview Foundation, Advance CTE and ACTE co-hosted a webinar to release our joint publication, Preparing a Globally Competent Workforce Through High-Quality Career and Technical Education. The webinar discusses this critical issue, featuring local leaders sharing what globally-minded CTE programs look like at the classroom level. Speakers: