Endorsements, Electives & More: CTE & State Graduation Requirements

The past few years have seen a persistent and consistent focus on Career Technical Education (CTE), including a particular focus on graduation requirements. This brief from Advance CTE highlights a few ways in which states are exploring embedding and elevating CTE programs, assessments and experiences within their statewide graduation requirements.

Throughout the brief, a number of challenges and issues for consideration are raised, notably having processes in place for ensuring quality and rigor across pathways and assessments; providing flexibility to allow students to engage in CTE programs of study without having to give up other areas of interests; and ensuring students have the opportunity to take the full range of courses that will prepare them for college and careers. This brief can serve as a resource for states seeking to embed CTE into their graduation requirements. It includes examples and strategies from a number of states as well as challenges to consider. 

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April 2015
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