Individual Learning Plans for College and Career Readiness: State Policies and School-Based Practices

This national study from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) provides a national overview of how states and schools have designed and leveraged individualized learning plans (also called individual graduation plans, career and academic plans, etc.), based on scans of state policies and surveys of schools admnistered by states. The report provides an overview of the major components of an ILP and ways in which states administer and support ILPs.

The study found a disconnect between state policy and local practice, with 29 percent of school-level respondents in states that require ILPs claiming they do not use them with students, while 44 percent of school-level respondents in states that do not require ILPs do use them.  While local respondents had favorable opinions on the ILPs, a number of implementation challenges were cited including evaluation and post-high school tracking of students success. The study closes with some recommendations for improving ILP policy and practice

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October 2015