Afterschool and Summer Learning: A City Strategy to Support College and Career Readiness

Chronic school absenteeism, lower academic achievement, higher dropout rates, and a lack of exposure to college and career options for students can lead to poor educational outcomes and slower economic growth for citities. This brief from the National League of Cities examines how afterschool and summer learning oppurtunities can be leveraged as strategies to improve college and career readiness among students. The brief examines effective afterscool and summer learning programs in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Colorado, Illinois and Indiana to illustrate their impact on students' class attendance, graduation rates, test scores and plans for the future.

This brief is a useful resource for stakeholders interested in improving and utilizing afterschool programs and summer learning opportunities to prepare students for college and careers. This brief belongs to a series dedicated to showing the impact of afterschool and summer learning opportunities on workforce development and college and career readiness. To read the other brief associated with this series click here.

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May 2018