Creating an Impact with Credential Quality and Transparency: A State Policy Toolkit

National Skills Coalition in partnership with Credential Engine created a toolkit for states to improve credential quality and transparency. The toolkit provides leaders with definitions of quality non-degree credentials, questions to consider when moving the criterion into action and a list of additional resources that can be used to support the understanding of each quality criterion. State leaders can learn from the examples and policy recommendations that support quality credential and transparency efforts, as well as how to leverage existing policies that advance the work. 

Whether leaders are currently working on issues of transparency around credentials or just starting in the field, this toolkit offers something for everyone to assist in moving the work forward. Topics include policy recommendations for credential mapping, utilization of credential mapping software and mapping quality non degree credentials through the use of evidence of:

  • substantial job opportunities;
  • competencies mastered by the credential holder;
  • employment and earning outcomes;
  • stackability to additional education or training.
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August 2021