CTE on the Frontier: Rural CTE Strategy Guide

CTE on the Frontier

The Rural Strategy Guide

The CTE on the Frontier: Rural CTE Strategy Guide offers series of questions for state leaders to use as they reflect on current efforts to expand access to high-quality Career Technical Education (CTE) and career-focused pathways and experiences in rural communities and to identify future opportunities and actions. While many of the questions may be difficult to answer at this time, those unanswerable questions can provide a lot of direction for a state’s next steps, including data to gather and partners to engage.

Advance CTE has also released a companion facilitation guide to help state leaders make the most of this resource and to support states’ efforts to address the five cross-cutting elements of a rural CTE strategy.

About the Initiative

Given the unique challenges to expanding CTE on the “frontier,” Advance CTE launched a year-long initiative to unpack the biggest challenges and identify promising practices from across the country.

Based on interviews with over a dozen state secondary and postsecondary leaders – in addition to local practitioners and national experts – Advance CTE released a series of briefs highlighting promising practices around four of the most pressing challenges to expanding access to high-quality CTE pathways in rural communities:

  • Ensuring that all CTE pathways are of the highest quality;
  • Connecting rural learners to the world of work;
  • Providing diverse pathway options; and
  • Strengthening the rural CTE teacher pipeline.

While this research and the embedded case studies can serve as a critical resource for states as they advance their own priorities and policies to address gaps in rural CTE pathways and experiences, it also shined a light on how interwoven each of these challenges are and the need for states to address all of them comprehensively and collaboratively, which led to the development of the Rural CTE Strategy Guide. 

TheCTE on the Frontier series was developed through the New Skills for Youth initiative, a partnership of the Council of Chief State School Officers, Advance CTE and Education Strategy Group, generously funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co.

View the Webinar

On May 17, 2018, Advance CTE hosted a webinar unpacking key lessons and strategies from the CTE on the Frontier resources. To view a recording of the webinar and download slides, click here

Other CTE on the Frontier Resources

CTE on the Frontier: Catalyzing Local Efforts to Improve Program Quality

August 2017

This brief describes how states like Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho and Mississippi are working to improve the quality of local career pathways to meet industry needs and expand opportunities for rural learners.

CTE on the Frontier: Connecting Rural Learners to the World of Work

September 2017

This brief explores how states like West Virginia, Montana and Louisiana bring the experience of work-based learning and employer engagement directly to rural learners through simulated workplace experiences, innovative satellite campuses and mobile labs.

CTE on the Frontier: Providing Learners Access to Diverse Career Pathways

December 2017

This brief profiles how states such as Nebraska, Alaska, North Dakota and Idaho have leveraged strategic partnerships and technology to reach economies of scale and offer a wider breadth of career pathways to rural learners.

CTE on the Frontier: Strengthening the Rural CTE Teacher Pipeline

March 2018

This brief explores how Kentucky, Louisiana, Hawaii and other states are tackling one of the most pressing challenges rural schools and institutions face: strengthening the pipeline of qualified CTE teachers and faculty.

CTE on the Frontier: Leveraging Federal Policy to Strengthen Rural CTE 

November 2017

This cheat sheet is designed to help rural policymakers identify leverage points across federal education and workforce programs to support and expand access to high-quality rural CTE at both the secondary and postsecondary levels.

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