Data Dissemination Strategies for Career and Technical Education in Nebraska

Using the Nebraska Department of Education as a case study, this brief from RTI describes common challenges states face with collecting and disseminating Career Technical Education (CTE) data. The report further examines strategies to enhance data reporting and disaggregate performance data to support local providers.

Some of the specific challenges the Nebraska Department of Education encountered include:

  • Disentangling the complexity of available data so that users can make sense of information provided.
  • Disaggregating data to reveal underlying performance discrepancies across districts, student populations or Career Clusters®.
  • Lightening the burden of data collection and dissemination.

RTI's approach includes strategies to disaggregate data and provide a consumer-centered design that can be customized and easily understood by various users. This resource is a useful guide for state agencies aiming to enhance statewide data reporting and dissemination efforts. 

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June 2016