Innovation Pathways: Summary, Preliminary, and Final Designation Criteria

Massachusetts launched the High Quality College and Career Pathways (HQCCP) initiative in 2017 to significantly expand student access to high-quality career pathways. As part of this initiative, two pathways were developed: Early College and Innovation Pathways. Each pathway is guided by five Guiding Principles:

  • equitable access,
  • guided academic pathways,
  • enhanced student supports,
  • connection to career and
  • effective partnerships.

This guidance document from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Education, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Massachusetts Department of Higher Education summarizes the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' HQCCP initiative's Innovation Pathways criteria and design principles. Innovation Pathways are designed to connect student learning to in-demand industry sectors in the regional and state economy.

This guidance document also describes the pathways designation process. This report is a useful resource for institutions looking to learn from Massachusetts' model and establish quality criteria and a pathway designation processes for their own pathways that connect student learning to in-demand industry sectors.

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July 2017