New Skills ready network 2020-2021 Snapshot: Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the six sites selected to participate in the New Skills ready network. This five-year initiative, launched by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2020, aims to improve student completion of high-quality career pathways. In the first year of the initiative, the Nashville, Tennessee, New Skills ready network team evaluated current career pathways to ensure alignment to high-wage, high-demand careers; worked to create a data-sharing agreement between secondary and postsecondary partners; and developed shared definitions around equity. The Nashville, Tennessee, team also created a career pathways assessment tool to determine where strengths are within career pathways as well as ensure alignment with the state’s certified career pathways process. 

This snapshot provides a summary of the two major priorities of Nashville, Tennessee's New Skills ready network team:

  1. Establishing a shared understanding around systemic barriers to racial equity; and
  2. Developing a data-sharing agreement between secondary and postsecondary institutions to ensure seamless learner transitions and postsecondary success.


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June 2021