Nondegree Credentials: Paths to the Workforce and Future Education

Education Commission of the States (ECS) provides state leaders with a policy outline for the necessary components of nondegree credential that can lead to upskilling and advancement in the workforce. Nondegree credentials can take many forms, including certifications, occupational licenses and apprenticeship certificates. ECS notes that there are three key components of nondegree credential pathways:

  • Value: Nondegree credential pathways need to be validated and continually evaluated by employers and labor markets as being high demand both now and in the future. 
  • Quality: Collect, assess and evaluate the skills and opportunities that exist within the nondegree credential pathways and map them to future success/outcomes in the field.  
  • Stackability: Remove barriers to obtaining degrees and provide on-ramps to additional education that builds upon the credential.  
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August 2021