Strengthening Career Pathways Through the Power of State and Local Partnerships

Strengthening Career Pathways through the Power of State and Local Partnerships

Fostering strong relationships that break silos between learning and work and align skillbuilding opportunities across secondary, postsecondary, adult and professional levels is critical to building high-quality career pathways and learner-centered career preparation ecosystems. In this work, trust, common purpose and resources for sustainability are all necessary for effective state and local partnerships.

This resource from Advance CTE, in partnership with Education Strategy Group through JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s New Skills ready network, is the third in a series of policy briefs centered on strengthening career pathways. It offers promising practices for leveraging the strengths of both state and local leaders and maximizing the capacity of state resources to cultivate sustainable, scalable partnerships and advance high-quality career pathways. This brief provides five components to achieve this goal and highlights promising practices and programs in Colorado, Hawaii, Nebraska and Tennessee:

  • Building partnerships by deepening trusted relationships
  • Funding innovation through strategic local pilots
  • Providing meaningful technical assistance
  • Creating intentional cross-sector partnerships to advance career pathways
  • Aligning visions and definitions
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June 2021